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PCM presents a selection of images showcasing the wonderful Park Campus.

Last update: Aug 2022

PCM volunteers have taken thousands of photographs and hours of video footage of Park Campus - concentrating on its time as a university site, but also continuing through the demolition of buildings and new house construction.

We have been pleased to receive both old and more modern pictures and papers to scan from various members of our Facebook group, and also from the university, which also granted us permission to photograph at Park, and provided special access.

Do you have any photos, paperwork or cine / video footage of, or relating to, Park? Do have a look at what we already have - listed on our download pages - and if you can help fill a gap, please get in touch!
We post 12 pictures weekly in our forum as Friday Photos, and have uploaded other albums too. For example, Through Eric's Lens, a five-part series of 12 archive pictures per week, remastered by us, from our Eric Ogilvie Collection. We used colour slides taken by, or for, the late former Principal and Director, and very kindly given to us by Eric's son, Richard.

And now, let us welcome you to our gallery. We hope it provides a flavour of the wonderful and much-loved 80-acre site as it was, and how a mix of excellent resources and a beautiful place, made Park such a good place to work and study. It really was special.
Main Building / Holdenby
Portrait photo of Eric Ogilvie
Far left: Main Building / Holdenby built in 1971-72, pictured in 1986 or '87

Left: Dr. Eric Ogilvie, Principal, Northampton College of Education (NCE) 1971-1975 and Director, Nene College 1975-1989, likely circa early 1980s

Right: Eric at work in his office in 1986
Picture of Eric Ogilvie in his office
Portrait photo of Dr. Gaskell
Rear of Cottesbrooke, with trees
Pink blossom with buildings beyond
Far left: Dr. S. Martin Gaskell, Director, Nene College 1989-1999 and Rector, University College Northampton (UCN) 1999-2002, pictured around 1999

Centre left: The Cottesbrooke building, 2018. Nb. Many teaching buildings were named after local villages

Left: Looking across to Naseby, 2018
Right: From Cottesbrooke with Fawsley right and the Restaurant in the background, 2018

Centre right: Park in the sun, 2018

Far right: Lecture in Cottesbrooke, circa mid-1990s
People and buildings at Park
Aerial view of some Park buildings in the sunshine
female student takes notes in a lecture
Two female students chat on a bench in the sunshine
Two females students pose in a halls bedroom
Far left: Beautiful Park, 2018

Left: Student bedroom publicity photo circa 1995.

Right: Mrs Ann Tate, Rector, UCN 2002-2005 and Vice Chancellor, University of Northampton 2005-2010, circa 2003
Portrait photo of Ann Tate
Park restaurant in sunshine with blue sky
Two rabbits
Rabbits on the grass and path
Holdenby / Main Building with daffodils in the foreground
Above: The Restaurant - an award winning design (2018) and wild rabbits - a familiar sight at Park (2019 and 2018)

Right: The 1984 prospectus with the long-serving 'N' Nene College corporate logo

Far right: Pytchley, housing the convenience store, bank, the former bookshop and Finance, 2018
Prospectus cover - red colour
Buildings in the sunshine with blue sky
Tiered lecture theatre with fixed seating in front too
Senate on the cover of the part-time prospectus 2000
Far left: HLT1 (formerly the Large Lecture Theatre) in Holdenby, 2018

Left: One of the prospectuses from 2000, featuring a photo of the Senate

Right: Tim Johnson and Jeremy Hatful celebrate their graduation success in 1993
Two male graduates pose in their finery with beers
Building in sunshine and with blue sky
People in the Dance Studio
College crest in sunshine on front of Senate
Above l to r: Delapre, for many years home of drama teaching (2018), HRH The Duke of Gloucester is introduced by tutor Marcia Wragg to students, Dietrich Nanton and Susan Ring, in the Dance Studio (1986) and the college / university crest on the front of Senate (2017)

Right: The beautiful Dance Studio, an original 1971/72 facility, photographed in 2018

Far right: C126 - one of two showcase lecture theatres in Cottesbrooke, 2018
Wide shot of Dance Studio interior with man walking
Tiered lecture theatre
Computer suite
Students working in the library
Red leaves with green at the bottom on the side of the Sports Hall, with blue sky
Interior stairs and walls with sun dazzle
Rear of the large Cottesbrooke building
Above l to r: An IT suite in Cottesbrooke - one of many across the campus (2018), part of the large and characterful Library (circa 1992) and a magnificant display of virginia creeper on the Sports Hall (2017)

Far Left: Another part of the Library, 2018

Left: Cottesbrooke, 2015
Mrs Thatcher, dignitaries and staff outside Main Building
The Moot Room
Grass field in the sunshine
Triangular roof skylight windows with blue sky and clouds
Above: The opening of Park Campus (10th Nov 1972) with Dr. Ogilvie (in gown) and Margaret Thatcher MP (Secretary of State for Education & Science), the law Moot Room in Naseby and the Front Field (both 2018)

Left: The Leather Conservation Centre.

Right: The Sports Hall, 2018

Far right: Back Field, 2018
Sports Hall interior with blue walls
Rugby post with Pavilion in background, across the field.  Blue sky
Main Building / Holdenby illuminated at night, with students present

Left: A terrific shot of Holdenby / Main Building and the Students' Union (right) illuminated for a promotional picture, circa mid-late 1990s
Right: A promotional photo of the dance floor in the purpose-built students' Union Venue nightclub, circa 1993

Far right: Fawsley at night, 2018
Dance floor of Union with disco lights and smoke
Building at night with moon above
Grass and trees in sunshine
Left: Beautiful Park, Sept 2018

Far right: The opening of the National Leathersellers' Centre in 1978. His Worship The Mayor of Northampton, David Walmsley, and Dr. Eric Ogilvie, Director of Nene College lead the group

Below l to r: HLT3 and HLT2 lecture theatres in Holdenby (2018) and a popular sculpture, The Guardians II by Nicola Godden (2017)
Group process to Leather Centre, with Library building behind
Lecture theatre with grass and trees outside
Lecture theatre
Statues - two stylised people
Smiling man looks out from behind SU exterior supporting columns
Male students play pool
Left: Central Park - ground floor of the Students' Union, early 1990s
Above: Outside the SU in 1993
Right: Path to Sunley Conference Centre, 2018. Formerly Blackwood Hodge, this was a purpose-built residential management facility

Far right: Two of three quads of ensuite halls. Halls were named after important people. Shown here: Spencer Perceval and Simon Senlis, 2008
Footpath avenue of trees in sunshine
Aerial view of two halls of residence - two quads each
Tree and shrubs by hall of residence
Lecture room in the Leather Centre
Pavilion bar with students eating and drinking
Above l to r: Spencer Perceval Hall, 2020, a Leather Centre lecture room, 2018, The Pavilion ("Pav"), a popular bar and eatery run by the Students' Union, 2018
Below l to r: 2018 photos of the Holdenby staircase and skylight, in use 1972-2018, main entrance road and a snowy Pav
Staircase with skylight above
Road with trees and building in distance
Footprints in the snow, with Pavilion in the distance
cover of Nene College 1986 prospectus with path, trees and grass shown
13 rabbits in one shot!
Far left: The 1996 Nene College prospectus, showing a pleasant scene at the heart of the campus (photo is pre-1993)

Left: More Park bunnies! (photographed in 2018)
Below l to r: Lamport's Paramedic Science suite with ambulance (!) and dental chair and a study bedroom for nursing / clinical skills in Kelmarsh (all 2018)
Equipment and an ambulance in a room
Dental chair
Beds, chairs and aids for use with the elderly or disabled
Wooden ceiling to outdoor path
Tree, shrubs, conkers and buildings - in the sunshine
Far left: Beautiful original varnished pine wood behind Grendon, May 2018

Left: A conker-strewn path leading nicely down to the Cottesbroke building - home to the Northampton Business School (NBS), 2017

Right: One of the great figures of Park, Les Skelton, Chief Administrative Officer of the college from 1971-1987, likely circa mid-1980s
Promotional picture of Les looking dapper as ever!
Car park in sunshine, as seen from Senate
Seven female basketball players pose on the court
Cockatiels in a cage
Bronze horse statue
Above l to r: View from Senate, showing the student car park (2018), a sporting photo from 1978, and the Aviary - a popular feature on campus (2018)

Left: Arguably the most popular statue on campus, The Sun Horse, by John William Mills, pictured in 2018

Right: Sporting photo posed in front of Main Building, 1981
15 male rugby players pose in front of Main Building / Holdenby
Grass filed with tree in foreground and more in background
A male student sitting on the grass working
Bush with a profusion of orange berries
Above l to r: Back Field, sitting by Grendon and Pyracantha Firethorn with Sulgrave behind, all 2018

Right: Lapin and Holdenby, 2002

Centre right: Library detail, 2018

Far right: Sunley Conference Centre conservatory, 2018
A rabbit goes about its business with buildings behind
Striking internal feature of Library, with supporting columns lit in neon pink
Conservatory with round tables shown, in the sunshine
Four female students on the grass
Aerial view of the centre of campus
Rugby post with field and blue sky
Back of house with conservatory - pictured on a sunny blue sky day
Internal wall of library in sunshine
Above l to r: Four students photographed in front of the Restaurant (circa 2002), the centre of campus (2018) and Gallagher Sports Field(s), incorporated into Park, and still owned by the university (2020)

Far left: "Greenfields", the residence of the Vice Chancellor (and Director since 1993), located across the public road, and considered part of the campus, 2018. Now a private house

Left: Infill detail in the library, 2018
Trees, grennery and greenhouses
Two female students posed in front of hall of residence
Far Left: Greenhouses used to grow plants for graduation and for outreach work with disabled people, 2018

Left: Outside Margaret Bondfield Hall circa 1992

Right: 2000/1 SU nightclub flyer
Flyer in yellow, orange, blue and purple with smiling sunshine: Popaholic - selected Thursdays at The Venue
10 people pose in college corporate sweatshirts
Shrubs in a planter with grass field and buildings and a weather station beyond
Cover of 1972 prospectus
Far left: Student Tour Guides ready to escort visitors around the site, ca. 1996

Centre left: 2018 picture looking from the Pavilion bar

Left: The first prospectus for Park, 1972
Equipment and metal drums
A form of industrial press
Laboratory in Leather Centre
Above: The Leathersellers Centre / Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) featured a working tannery and laboratories (pictures from 2018)

Right: The ICLT electron microscope, 2018

Far right: Panoramic view of The Hub, Cottesbrooke, 2016

Below l to r: The Servery in the Restaurant and Back Field (both 2018) and Rehearsals for a BEd production of Grease in the Large Lecture Theatre (later HLT1) in 1988
Picture of the UON electron microscope
Students in a large open plan room
Restaurant viewed from behind food counter
Tree and bushes in the sunshine
Students rehearse their moves on the set of Grease, Large Lecture Theatre (later HLT1)
Two male students in a twin room
Left: A twin room in Queen Eleanor Hall, 1994

Right: The Reception Building, constructed just six years before the campus was sold (2017 picture)

Far right: Lecture theatre room in Kelmarsh, 2018

Below l to r: East Halls in the evening sunshine & a student warden room (both 2002) and The Sun Horse (2017)
The striking angular Reception Building
A lecture theatre in Kelmarsh
Halls of residence in the evening sunshine
An undergraduate student warden room - table, desk, shelves and view to courtyard
The Sun Horse statue amongst the greenery
Aerial view of much of the campus
Left: Much of the campus from the air, 2008

Right: Honey (also known as "Sophie") a local kitty who was a frequent visitor to campus over some years, 2018

Far right: The Journey by Charlotte Mayer, 2002
A tortoiseshell cat at rest on block pavers
Ammonite design standing in middle of the pond
Aerial view showing Sports Hall and other buildings
Glass fronted entrance to Library
Looking through to teaching room from an observation / control room
Looking up at red berries with treetops beyond
First floor of the Students' Union
Above: r to l: The Sports Hall predominates in this drone view (2018), One of two three entrances to the Library foyer (2016) and a psychology observation room with trick mirro (2018). This was one of a number of special facilities in Fawsley, including a sensory deprivation room. There was another observation room in Naseby, used for police training. A custody suite and cell were also built
Weather station equipment
Above: l to r: Winter fruit on site (2021) and panoramic shot inside the Students' Union (2016)

Left: The Weather Station, 2018

Right: Early morning on the top floor of Cottesbrooke, 2018

Far right: Lilac outside Top Lodge, the oldest building on campus (2018)
Sun streams into a lecture room
Lilac with old building behind
View from top floor of building over parkland
Lush green garden
Buildings reflected in glass
Fire engine and students outside a building
Above l to r: A view from Cottesbrooke, the Secret Garden and reflection in Restaurant front glass (all 2018)

Left: A regular occurrence for students in halls! A false fire alarm. A 1993 fire brigade call out to Margaret Bondfield is shown here

Right: The staff gym in Everdon, 2018
Below l to r: Top Lodge in the gloaming (2018) and two William Carey Hall views (2021)
Staff exercise in the gym
Building with conservatory lit up, pictured at dusk
Large hall building at dusk
Snowy view of hall building at dusk
Right: Ann Tate (Vice Chancellor 2002-2010), Prof. Nick Petford (Vice Chancellor 2010-2022) and Dr. Eric Ogilvie (Principal / Director 1971-1989) at an event to celebrate 10 years of university status, in the Restaurant, 2015

Prof. Petford was the driving force behind the campus sale and move from Park to a new site, Waterside. In our experience of talking to several hundred people - former and current staff & students, local residents and other interested parties - it was a controversial and unpopular move. A beautiful, modern, fit for purpose, much-loved campus was destroyed. Re: the sale and move, the question so often asked is 'Why?' Other talking points include the 330 million Waterside cost - with debt planned to take many decades to be repaid - and the loss / downgrading of many facilities in the move.
Ann Tate, Nick Petford and Eric Ogilvie

PCM Park Gallery credits - Park Campus Memories images except:

Photos of Dr. Gaskell, Ann Tate, student in lecture theatre, students posed in bedroom, prospectus covers, students in library, Holdenby at night, Venue and Central Park, students outside Margaret Bondfield, SU and Restaurant, 2008 aerial shot and uni status celebration - all University of Northampton

SU flyer - University of Northampton Students' Union
Graduates picture provided by Harvey Jackson
Library entrance photo by Krzysztof Masloch
Basketball ladies by Jonathan Grose
Rugby gents by Ann Jenkins
Panoramic 360 shots by Kelly Cooper Photography
Grease rehearsal by Lori Keet

Our grateful thanks to all those who have allowed us to use their images

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