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Downloads 3 - The Park Estate
Archive plans, maps and diagrams of Park Campus buildings

The items on this page have been digitised by PCM unless stated. We offer content free for study and personal non-profit use.
Last update: Oct 2020

Site maps and surveys

Subsite services plan,
circa early 1980s
(JPEG format)

Nene College, Avenue & Park
Campus Conditional Survey,
1990. Delivered Jan 1991
(produced by GSS Architecture)

Plan of Restaurant
(prior to build), Dec 1992

Map of Park Campus,
Nov 2004
(JPEG format)

Gas Schematic Diagram,
Nov 2007

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 1, Jan 2008

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 2, Jan 2008

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 3, Jan 2008

e-on mains electricity route
at Park Campus, Feb 2008
(site is still shown as
Nene College!)

Map of Park Campus, 2008

Subsite services plan, 2011

Gas and electricity meters,

Map of Park Campus, 2018
A significant number of plans (A0 and larger) of various Park buildings - rescued by PCM in the last days of the campus. Might you be able to offer advice on how best to scan these documents?

Help PCM fill the gaps - and bring joy to others too! Your copy of a marketing postcard or Student Union newspaper might be the only one remaining. Remember, if it isn't listed here, we haven't got it! Please get in touch with our friendly team! We accept scans* but will gladly do them for you using our equipment. Don't forget to spread the word about PCM and our Facebook group!

* Our preference is 600dpi or higher in TIFF or JPEG form via Dropbox or OneDrive
The copyright in these files is held by the University of Northampton, GSS Architecture and e-on.

People who have kindly contributed material to this page:
Di Hayes
Matthew Waite, University of Northampton, Campus Services

Background image:
Infrastructure Services (now Campus Services) Map Room - formerly the Large Lecture Theatre (later HLT1) projection room, in Holdenby / Main Building.

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