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Downloads 3 - The Park Estate

Plans, maps and diagrams of Park Campus,
its buildings and services

The items on this page have been digitised by PCM unless stated.
We offer the content free for study and personal non-profit use.

Page last updated: Feb 2022

Sitewide maps and surveys

Campus map from the
1973 NCE prospectus
(JPEG format)

Do you have any old
Park maps that we
could scan or

Subsite services plan,
circa early 1980s
(JPEG format)

Nene College, Avenue & Park
Campus Conditional Survey,
1990. Delivered Jan 1991
(produced by GSS Architecture)

Map of Park Campus,
002/001, Nov 2004
(JPEG format)

Gas Schematic Diagram,
Nov 2007

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 1, Jan 2008

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 2, Jan 2008

Electrical Distribution Diagram,
Substation 3, Jan 2008

e-on mains electricity route
at Park Campus, Feb 2008
(site is still shown as
Nene College!)

Map of Park Campus, 2008

Subsite services plan, 2011

Gas and electricity meters,

Map of Park Campus, 2015

Map of Park Campus, 2018
A significant number of plans (A0 and larger) of various Park buildings - rescued by PCM in the last days of the campus. Might you be able to offer advice on how best to scan these documents?
Help PCM fill the gaps - and bring joy to others too! Your copy of a marketing postcard or Student Union newspaper might be the only one remaining. Remember, if it isn't listed here, we haven't got it! Please get in touch with our friendly team! We accept scans* but will gladly do them for you using our equipment. Don't forget to spread the word about PCM and our Facebook group!

* Our preference is 600dpi or higher in TIFF or JPEG form via Dropbox or OneDrive

Building plans

(blue area on thumbnail)
Stands for: Plan (P), and covers Holdenby (H), Library (L), Rockingham (R), Naseby (first floor) (N) and Grendon (G) as well as Sulgrave.
The initials were given to the diagram by the UON Estates team. The plan is undated, but is certainly post-2011. (for some reason, the ground floor Holdenby Admissions office area is blank. Also, Naseby is erroneously shown as 'Nasbey')
Background: Three formerly separate buildings were joined together through various infill developments, but retained discrete names. In addition, the former Main Building was divided into two parts, named Holdenby and Grendon. Infill increased Library capacity but resulted in the Library area coming under some of Holdenby, Sulgrave and Rockingham and the first floor vertical extension of Naseby. As an aside, when the new Students' Union was built in 1992, a small part of adjoining Main Building was redesignated to add to the SU area.
Pictured: Rockingham, the back of Grendon, the Dance Studio - part of Holdenby - and the front of Holdenby

Ashton, PAS-001, Revision B,
Nov 2010

Brampton, PBR-001, Rev A,
& PBR-002, Rev A,
July 2008

Brampton, PBR-003 &
PBR-004, Electrical Plans,
April 2008

Charles Bradlaugh, West Halls,
PCB-102, Aug 2009
(see also West Halls (part))

Charles Bradlaugh Back
Blocks, West Halls, 'Flats',
possibly 2011 (see also
West Halls (part))

Cottebrooke, PCO-001,
PCO-002, PCO-003, Rev A,
Jan 2006 (pre-2011 extension)

Cottebrooke, PCO-004,
PCO-005, PCO-006, (post-2011
extension though 2005 shown)

Delapre (ex-Dramatic Art),
PDE-001, Sept 2009

Everdon, PEV-001, Rev C,
Sept 2009 (includes 'new
fitness suite equipment

Fawsley, PFA-001, Rev A,
Oct 2008 (pre-refit /

Fawsley, PFA-001, Rev B,
12th June 2012
(post-refit / extensions)

Greenfields, 259 Boughton
Green Road, VCR-001,
March 2010 (site survey)

Greenfields, 259 Boughton
Green Road, VCR-002, Floor
Plans, March 2010
(Not available at present)

Greenfields, VCR-101, Sept
2010, & VCR-101, Rev A, 15th
Sept 2011, 'Furniture Scheme'
(Not available at present)

John Clare, West Halls,
PJC-102, Aug 2009

Kelmarsh, PKE-001,
Sept 2005

Lamport, PLA-001,
April 2005 (with proposals)

Leather Centre, B01,
March 2009

Leather Centre, PLS-002,
Rev A, Aug 2011

Leather Conservation Centre
(LCC), PLC-001, April 2010

Margaret Bondfield, PMB-001,
circa 2005

Margaret Bondfield, PMB-010,
Fire Plan (with flat letters),
26th May 2005

MX Mobile, 'Final Proposals',
24th April 2013
(with fittings layout)

Nene House, PNH-01,
Sept 2012
(with fittings layout)

Pavilion, PPA-001, Oct 2005

Pytchley, PPS-001, 28th June
2012 and PPS-002, Sept 2011

Reception Building, PRB-01,
Sept 2012

Restaurant, 00(04), Rev C,
23rd Dec 1992 (pre-build)

Restaurant, PRE-001, Rev B,
6th Oct 2011

Senate, PSE-001, Rev C, May
2010, PSE-002 & PSE-003,
Oct 2005

Silverstone (former Nene
Centre for Research)
S01 (as Knowledge
, Sept 2008

Silverstone (former Nene
Centre for Research)
PHN-001 (as Knowledge
, Dec 2008

Silverstone, Wall Map,
Version 2, (as Knowledge
, 18th Oct 2011
(plan is upside down)

Simon Senlis, East Halls
PEH/SS-012, 1st May 2010
(not available as still a
working uni building)

Spencer Perceval, East Halls
PEH/SP-011, 1st May 2010
(not available as still a
working uni building)

Sports Hall - see Everdon

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Student Centre (including
ex-Thornby & staff residences),
PSC-003, Oct 2010

Students' Union, PUP-001
& PUP-002, Sept 2008

Sulgrave, PSU_001
and PSU-002, July 2008
(see also P.H.L.R.N.G. at top)

Sunley Conference Centre,
SMC-200, Sept 2010

Thornby, PTH-001, Rev D,
Sept 2012

Thornby, prob PTH-001,
Rev unknown, 20th Nov 2013

Top Lodge, PTL-001,
date unknown - prob 2010
(no room numbers)
(Not available at present)

Top Lodge PTL-010,
'Fire Zoning', 1st May 2010
(includes room numbers)
(Not available at present)

West Halls (part), PJC-110,
8th Sept 2009, PCB-110 &
PCB-111, 1st May 2010 (see
also Charles Bradlaugh, C.B.
Back Blocks and John Clare)

William Carey, East Halls,
PEH/WC-010, 1st May 2010
(not available as still a
working uni building)

X03a and b Mobiles, X03-001,
April 2006 (only X03a included)

Yelvertoft, PYE-001 &
PYE-002, Nov 2005
Help PCM fill the gaps!
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Other names:

Blackwood Hodge Management Centre - see Sunley

Bradlaugh - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Campion - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Clare - see John Clare Hall

Dodderidge - see John Clare Hall

Dance Studio - became Holdenby - listed here under P.H.L.R.N.G. at the top of the section

Drama Studio - see Delapre

Dryden - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Kirby - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Main Building - became Holdenby - listed here under P.H.L.R.N.G. at the top of the section

Rockingham Hall - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Timken Centre / Nene Centre for Research / Graduate School / Knowledge Exchange - see Silverstone

Staff Residences - see Student Centre

Oundle - see Student Centre

Queen Eleanor - see Charles Bradlaugh Hall

Sports Hall - see Everdon

Welcome Building - see Reception Building

The copyright in these files is held by the University of Northampton, GSS Architecture, e-on and JPP Consulting.

People who have kindly contributed material to this page:
Di Hayes
Matthew Waite, University of Northampton, Campus Services

Background images:
Infrastructure Services (now Campus Services) Map Room - formerly the Large Lecture Theatre (later HLT1) projection room, in Holdenby / Main Building, 2018.

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