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The PCM collection of free digitised media - copyright remains with original owners.
If you are a returning, please refresh pages to see the latest downloads.
1. General Information
Promotional material, items for freshers & continuing students, reports & stats, staff & alumni news
2. Students' Union
Copies of Students' Union newspapers and other SU and clubs literature
3. The Park Estate
A collection of maps, plans & diagrams relating to Park Campus and utility provision
If you have a Park-related document you'd like to share with us, firstly check the above pages to
see if we have a copy. If not, please get in touch!
mail@parkcampusmemories.org.uk or via our popular Facebook group.
We're very happy to scan items for you.
Old publicity, SU magazines, staff or alumni newsletters, photos of the site - if it features Park, we're interested!

Background image: Holdenby Security Office / Lodge, 18th Aug 2018.

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