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Downloads 1 - General Information
Promotional material, information, reports and statistics, staff and alumni news

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Prospectuses and Course Information

NCE prospectus, 1972

NCE prospectus, 1974

NCE prospectus - probably for
1975 entry (though no mention
of Nene College (1975-1999)

Nene College HE prospectus,

BEd (Hons) publicity leaflet,
roughly circa 1988

Marketing Communications
subject leaflet, 2000 entry
We have full-time prospectuses for 1977 - 1979, 1981 - 1987, 1989 - 2006 and 2009
Part-time: 1994, 1996, 1998 - 1999, 2002 - 2003
Part-time Vocational: 1989 - 1990
Flexible Learning courses: 1995
Summary of Courses: 1982 - 1985, 1989 - 1990
General FE & HE: '1983-1985', '1985-1987', 1987
F/T Advanced: undated edition ca. 1976
Postgraduate: 2002 - 2004

College / University Publicity

Northampton Business School
Publicity folder, 1993

Campus Development
Programme, ca.1994

Four Nene postcards - first
two ca.1995, third & fourth

Promotional video, ca. 1997
(mp4 format)

Park Campus Trail, by
Dominic Kramer, late 1997
(JPEG format)

Promotional video, ca. 1999
Produced 'in-house' by Tim
Coley, Media Services
(mp4 format)

Corporate Identity Manual,
very likely 1999

UCN brand promotional
large card leaflet, ca. 1999

Advert in 'Which Way 2000',
feature in The Independent
newspaper, 2000
(JPEG format)

UCN promotional bookmark,
for 2000 entry prospective

Applicant News, spring 2001

Park Tour Guide / Student
Ambassador route, ca. 2001
(JPEG format)

Test postcard produced
by Marketing, ca. 2001

Restaurant publicity magazine
'Morning, Noon and Night', by
Sodexho, issue 1, spring 2002

Facts & Figures 2003-2004

Park Avenue
- Annual Review, 2003-2004
(see also Park Avenue in
staff news section)

Facts & Figures 2004-2005

Annual Review, 2004-2005

Chronicle and Echo souvenir
supplement - university
status, 15th Oct 2005

A Celebration of the
Inauguration of the University
of Northampton, 2006

Facts & Figures 2007-2008

Ten Reasons to be Proud,

Annual Review, 2011
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Directorate and the College / University Court

Farewell dinner for Dr. Ogilvie,
Director 1971-1989,
held on 16th June 1988

1991-1992 Nene College
Annual Report

Invitation to a visit by HRH
Duke of Gloucester,
22nd April 1994
(JPEG format)

Financial Statements
1994-1995, Nene College,
pub. Jan 1996

Director's Report to Court
& Financial Statements
1995-1996, Nene C., Jan 1997

Director's Report to Court
1997, Nene College, Jan 1998

Director's Report to Court
& Financial Statements
1996-1997, Nene C., Jan 1998

Financial Statements
1997-1998, Nene College,
pub. Jan 1999

Accounts & Financial Statements
1998-1999, with Rector's
Review, UCN, pub. Jan 2000

Financial Statements
1999-2000, UCN, Jan 2001

Financial Statements
2000-2001, UCN, Jan 2002

Retirement event for Dr. Gaskell,
Director 1989-1999 and Rector
1999-2002, held 2nd July 2002
News for Staff

ITS Newsbits, Oct 1995

Nene News, issue 35,
Feb 1997

Nene News, issue 36,
April 1997

Nene News, issue 37,
May 1997

Nene News, issue 39,
Dec 1997

Nene News, issue 40,
Feb 1998

Nene News, issue 42,
May 1998

Cascade, issue 5,
Jan 2002

Park Avenue, July 2010
(see also Park Avenue in
marketing section above)

Park Avenue, Oct 2010
(see also Park Avenue in
marketing section above)

Unify, spring 2015

Unify, summer 2015
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Student Services - material for new / current students

1995 Freshers' Fact File

Example letter confirming
a place in halls, Aug 2000
(home address obscured)

Example East Halls contract
Sept 2000
(has pencil writing on sheet)

Travelling Weekend (later
Welcome Weekend)
instructions, Sept 2000
(JPEG format)

Guide to William Carey Hall,

Three memos from
Accommodation Services
to students in halls, 2001

Guide to Spencer Perceval
Hall, 2001

Residences Team - leaflet
for halls students, 2001-02
(has corrections on sheet)

Spencer Perceval Hall
Wardens 2001-02 (staff
and students)

Welcome Week Programme,

Flatwise, Sept 2005
(a draft copy featuring pen
amends by a senior manager!)

1. Getting Started... With Us
(before arrival), autumn 2006

2. Getting Started... Now
You've Arrived, autumn 2006

Student Charter, 2005

Welcome to the Student
Centre, circa 2006

Residents' Handbook, likely
2006 (The Union UCNU is
referenced, but the initials
changed in late 2005)

International Student
Handbook, Sept 2008
(note the superimposed flags)
Ceremonies (includes those held in town)

Degree Congregation
programme, 13th July 1987
(as part of Uni of Leics.)

Programme for Awards
Ceremonies - Nov 2003

Itinerary for Awards
Ceremonies - Nov 2003
(some writing on copy)
(JPEG format)

Summer Award Ceremonies,
July 2010
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News for Alumni

News at UCN, summer 2000

Application form for 25th
reunion. Event 14 Oct 2000
Form ca. spring / summer 2000

Invite to Reunion, UCN,
spring 2001

alumni, UCN, winter 2001

Connect, issue 1, UoN,
summer 2006

Connect, issue 2, UoN,
summer 2007

Connect, issue 3, UoN,
autumn 2008
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Other Events at Park Campus

Lunchtime concert programme,
23rd Jan 1979

Band of the Ancient Order
of Foresters programme,
30th Oct 1980

Piano recital programme,
22nd Nov 1980
(JPEG format)

Rocky Horror Show programme,
23rd March 1985

Grease programme,
June 1985

Godspell programme,
Feb-March 1986

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Background images:
View across rugby pitch (front of campus) to Pytchley
Looking towards Cottesbrooke
The Senate

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